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Universal Bands NT8   download

Please, download and try the add-on before buying. Evaluation period is 12 days.

Add-on for NinjaTrader 7 Trading Platform.

One Indicator — Variety of Possibilities

Universality and variety does not mean less performance when it comes to this indicator. Universal Bands has own efficient implementations of all averaging and other algorithms that are encapsulated in it. In the addition to implementations of a cumulative averaging technique for the most popular averages it has an abilily to plot price- and volume-based Point of Control (POC) and Value Area (VA). It also provides simplest techniques like percent and price channels which are so liked by scalpers.

Each type of “baseline” (average, POC, VWAP, etc) can be combined with any type of channel (bands). Even if this feature gives you the freedom of choice and testing ground for new ideas, we recommend to use simple and proven combinations like [VWAP + bands based on cumulative standard deviation], [VPOC + VA] and so on.

Some examples

Cumulative simple average with cumulative standard deviation. Instead of cumulative simple average you can use exponential average or VWAP.

dtUniversalBands - Cumulative simple average with cumulative standard deviation.

Candles-based (price-based) POC with the channels based on the square deviation of price from that POC.

dtUniversalBands - POC with cumulative StdDev.

Volume Point of Control with Value Area and its extensions.

dtUniversalBands - Volume Point of Control with Value Area.

EMA with the channels based on Average True Range of chart bars (aka Keltner Channel).

dtUniversalBands - Bar range-based channels.

EMA with percent channels.

dtUniversalBands - Percent channels.


If you are new to NinjaTrader please watch these two short videos on how to download and install add-ons:
Part I — How to install an indicator in NinjaTrader.
Part II — Purchasing and license generation.

1. Download the .zip archive with the NinjaScript assembly (see the link at the foot of the page).

2. Run your NinjaTrader trading platform, go to the “File→Utilities” menu and choose “Import NinjaScript…”.
Import NinjaScript

3. Select downloaded .zip archive and click “Open”.
Then if the installation was correct you will see the success message.
Install success

After that you can add installed indicator to your chart.
Adding the indicator

If you want to uninstall add-on, please use “Remove NinjaScript Assembly…” item of the “File→Utilities” menu.

Please, download and try the add-on before buying. Evaluation period is 12 days.

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